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Let’s be meh-ssy together, because nobody is perfect

  • MehAngie is not live right now

    More are coming soon

Here’s a video

I live stream on Twitch

Hang out with me during live streams.

Some people chatter in the live chat. There’s some mini games available for viewers. Or you can just watch too.

I put some recordings onto YouTube later if you would rather watch content that way.

Special Thanks

Chat Anytime on Discord

Angie and the community are on Discord talking about all sorts of things. Come hang out, if you want.

Some of the topics in this server:

Channels for you: #birthdays, #introduce-yourself, #show-and-tell, #pets, #irl, and more.

Game specific channels: #gaming, #bot-games, #dont-starve, #phasmophobia, #plateup, #pokemon, #retro-games, and more.

Send me a message

Here is an easy way to get ahold of me. I’ll get back to you when I can.